Dog Squad

Use of Dogs in Police Work

The dog's active sense of smell, sight and hearing have a decisive advantage over the human agencies and are put to use for assisting the Police in a variety of investigations and search operations. Dogs could be used with substantial success in tracking the criminals after a crime has been committed and in searching premises to locate criminals. Dogs could be used for recovering articles stolen, searching of missing persons and for patrolling, Explosives and Narcotic detection and VIP and VVIP security.

Malappuram District Police Dog Squad is under the supervision of AC DPHQ. There are 6 dogs and 9 handlers working in Malappuram dog squad in which 4 are Snipper dogs, trained for detecting explosives and 2 tracker dogs, specially trained for tracking culprits and objects involved in crimes The handlers along with the dogs undergoes very rigorous and detailed training for 9 months. Department has started full fledged State Dog Training School along with Kerala Police Academy, Thrissur where the 9 months training is imparted by internal and external faculties.