Tanur Police Station

Lat.& Long. 10.978527, 75.875771

494- 2440221 shotanurpsmpm.pol@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Tanur Police Station

The Police Station started functioning in 29.02.1962Tanur Police Station is situated in survey RS No 321/2 in Tanur Village comprising of 44 cents. Police Station is located on the Western side of Tanur- Parappanangadi Public road about 100 yards West of Tanur Junction. Station has been started TP/5-466 a rented building as per the Orders. Now the station is functioning in the new building from 12.08.1988.

Jurisdiction details

Tanur Muncipality, Niramaruthur Panchayath, Thanalur Panchayath, Ozhur Panchayath, Nannambra Panchayath

Panchayaths and Municipality

Tanur Muncipality, Niramaruthur Panchayath, Thanalur Panchayath, Ozhur Panchayath, Nannambra Panchayath

Border Police stations

Parappanangadi PS, Thirur PS, Kalpakanchery PS, Thirurangadi PS.

Jurisdictional Court

Judicial First Class Majistrate Court Parappanangadi, Subdivisional Majistrate Court Tirur, Sessions Court Manjeri

Parliament Constituency


Legislative Assembly

Tanur, Thirurangadi,

Establishments and Institutions

  • Railway Staion
  • Post Office
  • Telephone Exchange
  • K.S.E.B. Office
  • Tanur Panchayath Office
  • Tanalur Panchayath Office
  • Ozhur Panchayath Office
  • Niramaruthur Panchayath Office
  • Nannambra Panchayath Office
  • Block Office Tanur
  • Malsya Bhavan
  • Sub Registrar Office Tanur
  • Village Office Nannambra
  • Village Office Ozhur
  • Villege Office Tanalur
  • Villege Office Niramaruthur
  • Villege Office Tanur
  • Villege Office Pariyapuram
  • Krishibhavan
  • I.C.D.S. Office
  • Kheeravikasana Office
  • CHC Tanur
  • P.H.C. Tanalur
  • BMH Hospital Moolakkal
  • Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary Vattathani
  • Mission Hospital Tanur
  • Govt Arts College Tanur, Puthantheru.
  • GHS Kattilangadi
  • Govt.Devadar H.S.S
  • S.S.M.H.S.S Theyyalingal
  • G.H.S. Niramaruthur
  • G.M.L.P.S. Puthiyakadappuram
  • G.M.L.P.S Edakadappuram
  • G.M.U.P.S Tanur Town
  • G.M.L.P.S Tanur Town
  • G.L.P.S Tanur
  • G.L.P.S Panangattoor
  • G.M.L.P.S Rayirimangalam
  • G.L.P.S Rayirmangalam
  • G.L.P.S Rayirimangalam East
  • G.L.P.S Pariyapuram
  • A.M.L.P.S Kormanthala
  • A.M.L.P.S Cheerankadappuram
  • A.U.P.S Pariyapuram
  • G.M.U.P.S Meenadathur Tanalur
  • G.L.P.S K Puram, Tanalur
  • G.M.L.P.S Manalipuzha Omachapuzha
  • G.M.L.P.S K Orad Ozhur, Tanalur
  • G.L.P.S Nannambra Theyyalingal
  • G.L.P.S Ozhur
  • G.M.L.P.S Panangattoor Pariyapuram
  • A.M.U.P.S Ayyaya Ozhur
  • Jhanaprabha A.M.U.P.S Niramaruthur
  • C.H.M.K.U.P.S Kundur Nannambra, Theyyalingal
  • S.N.U.P.S Nannambra Theyyalingal
  • S.N.U.P.S Tanur,K Puram
  • K.P.N.M.U.P.S Tanur
  • A.M.L.P.S Ayyaya Ozhur
  • A.M.L.P.S Kundur
  • Nayanar Memorial
  • Omachapuzha AMLPS
  • Pathampad AMLPS
  • ALPS Puthantheru
  • AMLPS Tanalur
  • AMLPS Velliyampuram
  • SMSHS Rayirimangalam
  • Fisheries Technical High School Tanur
  • M.E.S Central School Sobhaparamba
  • Amrutha Vidhyalayam Sobhaparambe
  • Alnoor English Medium School Chancheriparambe
  • Viswa Vidyalayam Olapeedika
  • Viswavidyalayam Kalad
  • Viswavidyalayam Ozhur
  • Viswavidyalayam Velliyampuram
  • SSMHSS Theyyalingal
  • HSM Tanur
  • State Bank of India, Tanur
  • State Bank of Travancore, Tanur
  • Canara Bank, Tanur
  • Punjab National Bank, Tanur
  • Tanur Service Co-Operative Bank, Tanur
  • KSFE Tanur,
  • Kerala Gramin Bank Tanur
  • Thanalur Service Co-Operative Bank Tanalur
  • Nannambra Service Co-Operative Bank.
  • Kerala Gramin Bank Pulparamb Ozhur.
  • Muthoot Fincorp Tanur
  • Nannambra Service Co-Operative Bank, Theyyala
  • Bhagavthi Temple- Sobhaparambe
  • MahaGanapathi Temple- Kattilangadi
  • Subramannya Temple-Kattilangadi
  • Bhagavathi Temple- Chirakkal
  • Thanner Bhagavathi temple-Kattilangadi
  • Madathil Temple- Madathil Road
  • Thrikykkatt Siva Temple- School Padi
  • Eranakaranallur Ganapathi Temple
  • Narasimha Temple-Bhagavathi Temple- Morya
  • Pooraparambe Bhagavathi Temple-Olapeedika
  • Ozhur Vizhnu Temple-Ozhur
  • Chennamkulangara Bhagavathi Temple
  • Kuruvamkulangara Vishnu Temple
  • Kuruvattasseri Vishnu Temple
  • Ozhur Subramannya swami Temple
  • Thiruvangatt Siva Temple
  • Ananthapuram Temple-Ozhur
  • Karinkapara Vishnu Temple
  • Kakkattukunnath Devi Temple
  • Chennamkulangara Devi Temple-Tanalur
  • Pandaravalappil Devi Temple-Moolakkal
  • Puthukulangara Siva Temple
  • Kondaramkulangara Narasimha Temple-Kalad
  • Karthiayani Temple-Kundungal
  • Puthantheru Mahaganapathy Temple
  • Ayyapankandi Ayyappa Temple-Vattathani
  • Sreekrishna Temple-K.Puram
  • Kunhikulangara Siva Temple-K.Puram
  • Puthukulangara Devi Temple-Puthuklangara
  • Narasimhamoorthi Temple –Tanalur
  • Ammankulangara Bhadrakali Temple-Meenadathur
  • Kalad Temple
  • Kondempat Bhagavathi Temple
  • Kodancheri Siva temple
  • Konderamkulangara Temple
  • Budhakulangara Temple
  • Chakkaramoola Vishnu temple
  • Pathathil Siva temple
  • Taha Masjid- Taha beach
  • Vadake Jumamasjid-Elaram beach
  • Kadhiyar Masjith-Elaram Beach
  • New mosque-Elarambeach
  • Tanalur Juma Masjid-Vazhakkatheru
  • Mujahid Mosque-Tanur Town
  • Moonu Palli- Edakadappuram
  • Marakkar Kadappuram Palli- Marakkar Kadappuram
  • Jumamasjid Edakadappuram
  • Cheerankadappuram Masjid
  • Cheerankadappuram Juma Masjid
  • Cheerakadappuram Palli
  • Juma Masjid -Anchudi kadappuram
  • Valiya Palli Near Kanolikanal palam
  • HSM Masjid Near Kanolikanal palam
  • Marava Masjid Near MLA House
  • Masjid Juma Near Tanur Police station
  • Thabligue Masjid-Beach Road
  • Mujahid Masjid Tirur Road
  • AP Jumamasjid-Railway station road
  • Jamayath Islamic Jumamasjid Railway station road
  • Theyyala Road Masjid
  • AP Juma Masjid-Near Jyothi theatre
  • Jumayath Islamic Masjid-Near Block office
  • Jumamasjid-Chirakkal
  • Jumamasjid -Nadakkave
  • Masjid karad
  • Ora Pally Karad
  • Karad Pally-karad
  • Jumamasjid-kattilangadi
  • Kadariyapally-kattilangadi
  • Rahmath Pally-Attathode
  • Jumamasjid-Attathode
  • BadarJumamasjid-pooraparambu- Olapeedika
  • Masjidul Cheriyapally Kunnumpuram
  • Kottakkadpally Morya
  • Aliyarpally Ottumpuram Ottumpuram
  • Sidique Pally Ottumpuram
  • Farook Pally-Ottumpuram
  • Fakeer Pally Ottumpuram
  • Badar Pally Ottumpuram
  • Muhayudeen Pally Ottumpuram
  • Karinkapara Juma-ath Pally
  • Ayyaya Juma-ath pally
  • Thalkkatur Juma-ath pally
  • Korad Juma-ath pally
  • Manalipuzha Juma-ath pally
  • Omachapuzha Juma-ath pally
  • Perinchery Juma-ath pally
  • Mujahid Juma-ath pally Moolakkal
  • Sunni pally Moolakkal
  • Kundungal Niskara pally
  • Kundungal Juma-ath pally
  • Sunni pally Devadar Gate
  • Mujahid pally Devadar Gate
  • Juma-ath pallu Puthantheru
  • Juma-ath pally Vattathani
  • Juma-ath pally near Meenadathur Ovarbridge
  • Meenadathur Juma-ath pally-Chembra road
  • Juma-ath pally Tanalur
  • Pathampad Juma Masjid
  • Noor masjid-Noormaidanam
  • Vallikkanhiram Jumamasjid
  • E K& A P Juma Masjid Unniyal
  • Mangat Sunni Masjid
  • Mangat Mujahid Pally
  • Kalad Manhalampadi A P Pally
  • Kalad Manhalampadi E K Pally
  • Pathampad Kizhakku Alinchuvadu Juma-ath Pally

Transportation-Main Roads

Calicut - Chamaravattam- Eranakulam Public road

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Poorapuzha River, Kanoli Kanal, Cocunut,

Traditionally important places


Historical Importance

Tippusulthan Road Ottumpuram to Unniyal

Main Projects through the Police Station

In Tanur Police limit Janamythri Police functioning in smooth manner. Tanur Police station deployed in 12 JM Beat in 5 Panchayath. Every beats are visit by Beat Officer and Ass.t Beat Officer in routine bassis, Somany programes conducted under the leader ship of Janamythri Police

SPC functioning at GRFTHS School Tanur, in smooth manner. There are 88 SPC Cadets.

The SPG Smooth Functioning at Tanur PS Limit 7 Schools. Every School a committee functioning include Teacher, Police, Students, Merchants, Auto Driver's. Several Complaints received from the students and others regarding Tobacco and Illicit Liquor, Police Are Vigilant and detected somany COTPA Cases and Abkari cases from surroundings of School Premises.

Women Desk functioning in Tanur PS, Somany petitions are recived and solved through Women desk.