Pookkottumpadam Police Station

Lat.& Long. 11.243356, 76.305206

4931- 260181 shopktpdmpsmpm.pol@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Pookkottumpadam Police Station

Pookkottumpadam Police station has been established on 04.07.13 bifurcating Nilambur Police Station. Vide Go MS No. 145/13 Home dated 11.06.13. The station is inaugurated by the Honble Minister Sri. Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan. Station is housed on a rented building belongs to Amarambalam Grama Panchayath . The Jurisdiction of this station comprises of two panchayath and villege mainly Amarambalam and Karulai which comes to 275 Square Kilometer. This station is bordering to Kalikavu, Wandoor, Nilambur and Edakkara Police station. Most of this areas are covered by forest and the inhabitants are agriculturists mostly they are concentrating on plantation crops

Jurisdiction details

The Jurisdiction of Pookkottumpadam Police Station station comprises of two panchayath and villege mainly Amarambalam and Karulai which comes to 275 Square Kilometer.

Panchayaths and Municipality

Amarambalam Panchayath, Karulai Panchayath, Amarambalam Villege and Karulai Villege are in Pookkottumpadam Police Station limit.

Border Police stations

The border Police stations of Pookkottumpadam PS are Kalikavu, Wandoor, Nilambur and Edakkara Police station

Jurisdictional Court

Assistant Sessions Court Manjeri, Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I Nilambur, , Family court Malappuram

Parliament Constituency

It comes under Wynad Parliament constituency

Legislative Assembly

Nilambur and Wandoor Legislative assembly.

Establishments and Institutions

  • Agriculture Office Pookkottumpadam
  • BSNL Office Pookkottumpadam
  • Electricity Board Office , Pookkottumpadam
  • Electricity Board Office , Karulai
  • Panchayaths offices Pookkottumpadam
  • Panchayaths offices Karulai
  • Village Office Pookkottumpadam
  • Villege Offic Karulai
  • VeterinPary Hospital, Pookkottumpadam
  • Govt. Hospital Karulai,
  • Govt. Hospital Thelppara,
  • Homeo dispensary chulliyod,
  • PHC Uppuvalli.
  • Ayurveda Hospital, amarambalam,
  • Alsalama Hospital Karulai pvt,
  • People Hospital Pookkottumpadam pvt,
  • Karunya Hospital Pookkottumpadam pvt,
  • Sasthriyar AUP School Chelode,
  • GUP School Paramba,
  • GLP School Kavalamukkatta,
  • AKMMALP School Koottampara,
  • NAAMA LP School Thelpara,
  • Badal School Chettippadam,
  • GUPS School Paramba,
  • GHSS Pookkottumpadam,
  • AUPSchool Pookkottumpadam,
  • GLPSchool Payambadam,
  • GLPSchool Amarambalam Ullad,
  • AKMMALPSchool Koottampara,
  • Govt. UP School Pulliyil,
  • Fasal Umar Public School Ambalappadi,
  • Devadar ALPSchool Karulai,
  • Govt. LP School Varikkal,
  • KMH School Karulai,
  • Devadar School Puliyil,
  • UMALP School Palankara,
  • St. Sebastian English school Palankara,
  • SBT Pookkottumpadam
  • Federal Bank Pookkottumpadam
  • Kerala Gramina Bank Pookkottumpadam
  • Kerala Gramina Bank Karuli,
  • south Indian bank Pookkottumpadam,
  • M DC Bank Pookkottumpadam,
  • MDC Bank Karulai,
  • Nilambur co operative urban Bank Pookkottumpam
  • Nilambur co operative urban Bank Karulai,
  • Amarambalam service Bank Pookkottumpadam,
  • Amarambalam service Bank Uppuvalli,
  • Amarambalam service Bank Kavalamukkatta, Chulliyode,
  • Amarambalam service Bank Koottampara,
  • Karulai Srvice Bank Karulai.
  • Yoga Kshemam kuries,
  • Muthoot Fin corp Pookkottumpadam
  • Muthoot Fin corp Karulai,
  • Mariyamman Kovil Near Rice Mill Chttippadam
  • Sastha Temple T K Colony
  • Sre Ayyappa Temple Thelpara
  • Bhajanamadham Temple Vengaparatha
  • Devi Temple Kodamukku Punja
  • Sree Ayyappa Temple Kalchira
  • Karumakkal Kotta Siva Parvathi Temple Chulliyode
  • Appapan Kulam Temple Paramba
  • Bhajan Madham Chelode
  • Parassini Muthappan Kavu Bhagavathi Temple Uppuvalli
  • Sndp No 1673 Temple Palankara
  • Bhajanamadham Bhoomikuth
  • Villoowath Siva Temple Pookkottumpadam
  • Mariyamman Kovil Pookkottumpadam
  • Subrahmania Temple Ambalakunnu Anjamile
  • Siva Temple Amarambalam South
  • Chottanikkara Sre Kaliyamma Devi Temple Kozhisserikunnu
  • Devi Temple Chmmanthitta
  • Men Kulathi Bhagavadi Temple Chemmanthitta
  • Chulliyode Catholic Church
  • St Marys church Thlpara,
  • Asssembly of good church Kinattingal
  • Vinaya kumar asram church
  • St gorge church t k colony
  • Penthacost mission church chulliyode
  • St marys knanata chrch paramba
  • ST gorge orthadox church palankara
  • Penthacosth mission prayer hall
  • ST marys malankara catholica church
  • IV anchalikkal churach palankara
  • Marthoma church palankara
  • ST sebastian churchn vattappadam
  • ST marys church vallikettu chrupuzha
  • Mary matha st marys church anjamile
  • Knanaya catholica church amarmbalam south
  • THE penthacosth mission nallamthanni
  • ST pauls si church nallamthannifriends of jesus church nanthi
  • India penthacost daiva sabha pullanchri
  • Church of god pullancheri
  • ST Thomas ivanchalikkal church of inda
  • Badayil marthoma church pullancheri
  • Ap Mosque Chettippadam
  • Rahmaniya Juma Masjid K Chettippadam
  • Masjidul Shafi Ap Pottikallu
  • Salafi Masjid Mujahid Pottikkallu
  • Sunni Masjid T K Colony
  • Mujahid Mosqu Vengaparatha
  • Masjidul Shafi Ek Punja
  • Nashudyk Sakan Hyna Masjid E K Pattakarimhbu
  • Irshadul Anam Sunni Juma Masjid Ap Kavalamukkatta
  • Masjidul Huda Juma Masjid Mujahid Kavalamukkatta
  • Sunni Misque E K Ponnamikallu
  • Town Sunni Juma Masjid Ap Chulliyode
  • Sunni Masjid E K Chulliyode
  • Sunni Juma Masjid Ap Paramba
  • Rahmaniya Masjid Sunni Kandikkallu
  • Khalid Binu Valed Mosque E K Chetty
  • Badariya Juma Masjid Ap Chetty
  • Salafi Masjid Mundakkulam
  • Ahamadiya Muslim Jama Athe Mosque Karulai
  • Towwn Jumamasid Karulai
  • Irshadul Islam Sangam Mosque E K Karulai
  • Suhaba Masjid Kinattingal
  • Mdi Campus Mosque Kinattingal
  • Fasiliya Juma Masjid Palankara
  • Juma Masjid Muajahid Mosque Vadakkakkai
  • Hayatghuk Islam Masjid Pilakkal
  • Nuraniya Juma Masjid Varikkal
  • Juma Masjid Sunni Mailambara
  • Masjidul Farooqe Mullappalli
  • Sunni Juma Masjid Pookkottumpadam
  • Juma Masjid Ap Mujahid Pookkottumpadam
  • Rahmaniya Juma Masjid Pookkottumpadam
  • Masjidul Salam K Pookkottumpadam
  • Valiya Juma Masjid Near Up School Pookkoottumpadam
  • Jumiya Juma Masjid Anjamile
  • Rahmaniya Juma Masjid Mannil
  • Masjid Saha Koottampara
  • Masjidul Noor Koottamparam
  • Salfi Juma Masjid Koottampara
  • Masijudul Hudiya Koottampara
  • Hayathul Islamic Juma Masjid E K Thottapoyil
  • Sunni Mosqu Thondi
  • Masjidul Jamiathul Nooriya Sunni Pulliyil
  • Evanthi Juma Masjid E K Enanthi

Transportation-Main Roads

Nilambur -Perumbilavu State High way, Nilambur - Karulai -Pookkottumpadam Road, Wandoor Pookkottumpadam Road

Rivers & Main Cultivation

River – Kottappuzha, Karimbuzha, chrupuzha, River, Cultivation - Paddy, Plantain, Tapioca

Traditionally important places

The tomb of one Dosan Sayippu is situating in Karulai, Nedumkayam, who was the forest officer during the period of British domination in India.

Main Projects through the Police Station

There is no SPC project under this Polic station. There is Two SPG functioning in two high schools under this police station limit. Woman desk is functining in this Police station and for these purpose using the service of WCPOs. Even though this police station is not a Janamaithri Police station we made a good liaison with the public and especially among colony peoples.