Kuttippuram Police Station

Lat.& Long. 10.853721, 76.037256

494- 2608250 shokutprmmpm.pol@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Kuttippuram Police Station

The police station started functioning from 23.10.1989 in a rented building near by Kuttippuram Railway Station. Later On 10.03.2006 the station was commenced functioning in a permanent building situated in survey No. 175/1A of Kuttippuram Village comprising of 58 cents. The property was handedover to Home Department by the Revenue authorities from Puramboke land. The Police Station is located Eastern side of National Highway 17 about 2 Kms Northern direction from Kuttippuram Town. Initially Goverment Of Kerala, as per the notification in GO(Rt) No. 3347/89/Home Dtd 12.07.1989 declared building No. KP 1/716 situated in survey No. 170/3 of Kuttippuram Village within Tirur Taluk as Kuttippuram Police Station witheffect from 23.10.1989. This was a rented building. Later as per GO(Rt) No. 3200/05/Home Dtd 22.12.2005 function of the Police Station commenced in the present building In KP 11/740 A situated in Survey No. 175/1 A Of Kuttippuram Village.

Jurisdiction details

Kuttippuram Police Station comprises 3 villages named Kuttippuram and Naduvattom which are belonging to Tirur Taluk and Thavanur Village which coming under Ponnani Taluk.

Panchayaths and Municipality

There are 2 Grama Panchayath are included in the jurisdiction of Kuttippuram Police Station named Kuttippuram and Thavanur

Border Police stations

The boder Police Stations of Kuttippuram Police Station are Valanchery, Kalpakanchery, Tirur, Ponnani and Thrithala of Palakkad District.

Jurisdictional Court

Sessions court Manjery, JFCM Court Tirur, Family Court Tirur, MACT Court Tirur and Sub Divisional Magistrate Court Tirur

Parliament Constituency

It comes under Ponnani Parlimentary contituancy

Legislative Assembly

2 Assembly contituancy named Kottakkal and Thavanur.

Establishments and Institutions

  • VillageOffice, Kuttippuram
  • VillageOffice, Naduvattom
  • VillageOffice, Thavanur
  • Panchayath Office, Kuttippuram
  • Panchayath Office, Thavanur
  • BSNL, Kuttippuram
  • BSNL, Thavanur
  • KSEB Section Office, Kuttippuram
  • KSEB Section Office, Thavanur
  • Krishi Bhavan, Kuttippuram
  • Krishi Bhavan, Thavanur
  • AEO Office, Kuttippuram
  • PWD Rest House, Kuttippuram
  • KTDC, Rest House, Kuttippuram
  • Rescue Home, Thavanur
  • Child Home, Thavanur
  • Oldage Home, Thavanur
  • FCI Kuttippuram
  • Railway Station,Kuttippuram
  • Excise Range Office, Kuttippuram
  • Taluk Hospital, Kuttippuram
  • Homeo Dispensary, Kuttippuram
  • PHC, Thavanur
  • MES Engineerig College, Kuttippuram
  • KMCT College, Kuttippuram
  • Goverment College, Thavanur
  • Kelappaji Memorial Agricultural and Technology, Thavanur
  • Goverment Higher Secondary School, Kuttippuram
  • Goverment Higher Secondary School, Perassannur
  • Kelappaji Memorial Higher Secondary School, Thavanur
  • Junior Technical High School, Kuttippuram
  • Ideal School, Kadakassery
  • Canara Bank, Kuttippuram
  • State Bank Of Travacore, Kuttippuram
  • State Bank Of India, Kuttippuram
  • Fedaral Bank, Kuttippuram
  • Fedara Bank, Thavanur
  • Kuttippuram Co Operative Bank
  • Nottanalukkal Bhaghavathi Temble, Kuttippuram
  • Minipampa Shiva Temle, Kuttippuram
  • Painkannur Shiva Temple, Painkannur
  • Pappinikkavu Devi Temple, Thavanur
  • Brahma Temple, Thavanur
  • Mathur Shiva Temple, Mathur
  • Anthyalamkudam Temple, Madathilppadi
  • CSI Church, Pallippadi, Kuttippram
  • RC Church, Pallippadi, Kuttippuram
  • Mosque at Kazhuthallur
  • Kuttippuram Town Masjid
  • Kadakasseri Masjid
  • Athalore Masjid
  • Mathur Masjid
  • Kolothol Juma Masjid
  • Maniyamkad Juma Masjid

Transportation-Main Roads

NH 17 passing through this station Limits, Shornur- Mangalapuram Broad Guage Railway Lane is also passing through the station Limits

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Bharathapuzha is passing through this limit. Main cultivation are Paddy, Cocunut, Tappioca, Vegitables and Banana.

Traditionally important places

Thavanur is an important place glorious for Sarvodaya Mela which is celebrating annually during the month of February for rememberance of Kelappaji and Gandhiyan Ideology.

Main Projects through the Police Station

SPC programme is implimented at Ideal Higher secondary School Kadakassery, Thavanur. SPG is constituted at Goverment Higher secondary school, Kuttippuram, Goverment Higher secondary school, Perassannur, Kelappaji Memorial Higher secondary school, Thavanur. Women Desk and Vanitha Sahaya Kendram is operating in the Police Station. Janamithry system is implimented in the whole limits of the Police Station