Karuvarakundu Police Station

Lat.& Long. 11.120349, 76.334996

4931- 280210 sikrkdpsmpm.pol-@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Karuvarakundu Police Station

The station was opened as per the Govt notification GORT 1239/79 dtd 18.06.1979 published in Kerala Gazette. The station was inaugurated by Sri C. Subrahmanyan, IPS, Deputy Inspector of Police, North Range, Calicut on 22-6-1979 in public function held in the station premises. The building was constructed vide building No KP/IV/13 in survey no 374/4 of Karuvarakundu Village (1.68 Acres). Station is having an area of 1.56 acres of land in survey no 374/4 and 12 cents in 374/6

Jurisdiction details

Karuvarakundu,Tuvvur and Kerala Estate village in Eranad Taluk comes under Karuvarakundu Police station,

Panchayaths and Municipality

Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur panchayath are in Karuvarakundu Police Station limit.

Border Police stations

Agali Police Station, Kalikavu Police Station, Melattur Police Station, Pandikkad Police Station and Nattukal Police station

Jurisdictional Court

Assistant Sessions Court Manjeri, Judicial First Class Magistrate Court I, Manjeri, Family Court, Malappuram, Sub Divisional Magistrate Court, Perinthalmanna, MACT Manjeri

Parliament Constituency

Wayanad Parliamentary Constituency

Legislative Assembly

Wandoor Assembly consistuency

Establishments and Institutions

  • BSNL Office, Karuvarakundu,
  • Agriculture Office,
  • KSEB Office, Karuvarakundu and Thuvvur
  • Forest Station, Karuvarakundu, Arimanal,
  • Panchayath Office -Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur,
  • Village Offices Karuvarakundu, Kerala Estate, Tuvvur,
  • Sub Treasury, Karuvarakundu,
  • Grama Sevak office (Viilage Extension office) Punnakkad,
  • Family Welfare Centre Tuvvur.
  • Govt Ayurvedic Dispensary Karuvarakundu
  • Govt. Veternary Hospital Tharish
  • Community Health Center Karuvarakundu-04931-282351,281003
  • Primary Health centre
  • Govt Ayurvedic Dispensary
  • Govt. Veternary Hospital Tharipramunda
  • Almas Hospital Kizhakethala,04931-315704
  • National hospital Kizhakkethala
  • Royal homoeopathic Medical Centre- 8086575424
  • Al Salama Hospital, Kizhakkethala -9946550885
  • Paliative care Soceity, Karuvarkundu, 9495122608,9447821653
  • Grace hospital, Tuvvur
  • G.H.S.S Karuvarakindu -04931-280639
  • G.L.P.S Payyakode
  • G.L.P.S Kizhakkethala-04931-280243
  • G.L.P.S Pulvetta-
  • G.L.P.S Pazhzyakadakkal-04931-280670
  • G.L.P.S Cherumba (Tharish)-0493--281057
  • G.L.P.S. Karuvarakundu-04931-280044
  • GHSS Tuvvur- 04931-284417,284117
  • GLPS Tuvvur
  • GLPS Akkarakkulam
  • GLPS Mundakkode
  • GLPS Mampuzha
  • GUPS Neelancheri-04931-217333
  • GLPS Amapoyil
  • GUPS Pazhayakadakkal
  • GLPS Panthra
  • ALPS Iringattiri
  • Little Flower English Medium School Kizhakkethala-04931-280788
  • DarulNajath English Medium School Punnakkad-9446262160
  • DarulNajath College Kannath-04931-217700,314700
  • Nalanda College- 284444,9447927911
  • AUPS Tuvvur
  • Nilambur Co-Operative Urban Bank Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur
  • Service Co-Operative Bank Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur
  • Vanitha Co-Operative Society Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur
  • Rural Co-Operative Society Tuvvur
  • Yogashema Sabha Karuvarakundu
  • Manappuram Finance, Karuvarakundu
  • Federal Bank, Karuvarakundu
  • SBT, Karuvarakundu
  • Kerala Gramin Bank, Karuvarakundu and Tuvvur
  • Kerala Financial Enterprises, Karuvarakundu
  • NeelamkurissiAyyappankavu temple- Pooram
  • Siva Vishnu Temple- - Sivarathri
  • Vettekkarantemple- Temple festival
  • Chammanthittavishnukeshathram-pradishttaDinam
  • Kattambalamsiva temple Tuvvursivarathri
  • Thekkumpuramkakkottirisiva temple sivarathri
  • Kuthanazhi Siva temple Kavala – sivarathri, SreekrishnaJayanthi
  • DurgaKalimuthappan temple Tuvvur – ArattuUlsavam
  • Holy Family Church – Church Perunnal
  • St. George Church- Church Perunnal
  • Khan GahuDarga Karuvarakundu- uroos Camp
  • Mampuzha Irshadul Uloom Sangam Juma Masjid- Nercha

Transportation-Main Roads

Nilambur- Perumpilave Road- SH 39 is the main road

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Olipuzha and Kallanpuzha, Cultivation:- Rubber, Coconut, Areacanut, Cocco etc facts.

Traditionally important places

There are no traditionally important places within Karuvarakundu Police Station limit. A major part of the station limit includes vide plantations and Estates owned by Private individuals. Almost all plantations are situating near forest boundary. Recently two Tourism parks are formed within the station limits, namely, Cherumbu Eco Tourism and Keralamkundu Waterfalls which is under the District Tourism promotion Council, Malappuram.

Historical Importance

The Police station is situating in Karuvarakundu, Campinkunnu. As the place indicates the British Camp was formed at that time to protest against the Malabar Rebellion. The station is sharing its borders with Agali and Nattukal Police Station on east and south sides. The whole of this area is covered by forest where through the presence of CPI Maoist cadres were reported. As this is one f the place where through the cadres can go to the colonies exist within Kalikavu, Pookkottumpadam, Nilambur, Vazhikkadav, Pothukal Police station limits. They can easily move to these colonies from Attappady region so the station is having its importance in this angle. More over a considerable area of station is covered by vide plantations in which both casual and permanent workers are working. Since the sympathizers of left wing organizations were active during 1970s which may add fuel to the situation of current scenario. Two cases were registered so far with regard the visit of Maoist cadres within Karuvarakundu Police station.

Main Projects through the Police Station

SPC Projects are initiated in two High schools within the police station. 1) Govt High School, Karuvarakundu- In Karuvarakundu School Unit two plattoons namely 88 cadets are actively performing in SPC. 2) Govt High School, Tuvvur - In Govt. High School Tuvvur 44 cadets are actively performing in SPC. Almost all the Schools are introduced by SPG. Womendesk is active in the police station all the day. Every type of petitions are deal by the duty assigned CPO.