Kalpakanchery Police Station

Lat.& Long. 10.939925, 75.976247

494- 2547022 shokkcympm.pol@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Kalpakanchery Police Station

The police station started functioning since 1919. The police station is situated in survey number 125/5A, 122/6 Valavannur village at Kadungathkund. The land property is handed over from revenue department on 1976 vide order no: 8A/111/1975 Dated 04.02.1976. The police station is functioning in new building since 09.04.1999and located at west side of Malappuram District Though the police station is function is functioning 1919, The Gusset notification and Government orders is not available. The landed property is consist 2.02 acre. The family quarters were situated near the police station on It consist of 6 family quarters. The rest of the land is used for keeping vehicle which were seized in crime cases

Jurisdiction details

Kalpakanchery Police station comprises the following villages namely Kalpakanchery, Valavannur, Ponmundam, Cheriyamundam, PerumannaKlari, Athavanad, Thirunavaya

Panchayaths and Municipality

There are 7 Panchayaths consists in the station limit namely Valavannur, Kalpakanchery, Ponmundam, Cheriyamundam, PerumannaKlari, Athavanad, Thirunavaya

Border Police stations

The boder police stations are Valanchery, Kuttippuram, Tirur, Kottakkal, Kadampuzha, Thirurangadi

Jurisdictional Court

Kalpakanchery Police station is within the Judicial limits of JFCM court I, & II and RDO court Tirur

Parliament Constituency

Kalpakanchery Police station comes under Ponnani Parliament

Legislative Assembly

Kalpakanchery Police station comes under Tirur and Tanur Assembly constituency

Establishments and Institutions

  • KSEB Kalpakancherry 0494-2548745
  • KSEB Vailathur 0494-2587300
  • Panchayath Office Cheriyamundam 0494-2586406
  • Panchayath Office Kalpakanchery 0494-2547026
  • Panchayath Office PerumannaKlari 0494-2495900
  • Panchayath Office Ponmundam 0494-2586523
  • Panchayath Office Valavannur 0494-2547024
  • Village Office Cheriyamundam 0494-2587500
  • Village office Valavannur
  • Village Office Kalpakanchery 0494-2543009
  • Village Office Kurumbathur 0494-2572191
  • Village Office Perumanna 0494-2496160
  • Village Office Ponmundam 0494-2587600
  • BSNL Valavannur
  • Sub Registrar office KadungathKund
  • Agriculture office KadungathKund
  • PHC Valavannur
  • Govt Ayurved Hospital Valavannur
  • Supriya Hospital Puthanathani
  • G.M.U.P.S Ponmundam North
  • G.M.L.P.S. Ponmundam North
  • A.M.L.P.S Chilavil West
  • A.M.L.P.S Chilavil
  • A.M.L.P.S. Ittilakkal
  • A.M.L.P.S. Athrusseri
  • A.M.L.P.S. Ponmundam North
  • A.M.L.P.S. Athanikkal
  • A.M.L.P.S. Ponmundam South
  • G.V.H.S.S. Chettiyamkinar
  • A.M.U.P.S. Palachirmad
  • G.M.L.P.S. Kuttippala
  • G.M.L.P.S. Klari West
  • A.M.L.P.S. Klari Puthur
  • A.M.L.P.S. Moochikkal
  • A.M.L.P.S. Ottuparappuram
  • A.M.L.P.S. Palachiramad
  • A.M.L.P.S. Kozhichena
  • A.M.L.P.S. Perumann
  • G.V.H.S.S. Kalpakanchery
  • G.M.L.P.S. Kalpakanchery
  • G.M.L.P.S. Kannanchery
  • G.M.L.P.S. Majachola
  • G.M.L.P.S. Paravannur
  • G.U.P.S. Randathani
  • G.L.P.S. Kalpakanchery
  • B.Y.K.U.P.S. Kadungathkundu
  • B.Y.K.H.S.S. Kadungathkundu
  • B.Y.K. Itc Kadungathkundu
  • A.M.L.P.S. Valavannur North
  • A.M.L.P.S. Cheravannur
  • A.M.L.P.S. Nottanchola
  • A.M.L.P.S. Kallattichira
  • Ansar Arabic Collage Valavannur
  • Ansar English Higher Secondary School Valavannur
  • G.M.L.P.S. Paravannur
  • A.M.L.P.S. Paravannur
  • A.M.L.P.S. Vaniynnur
  • A.M.L.P.S. Mayanangadi
  • Saraswathi Vilasam Aups Iringavoor
  • A.M.L.P.S. Iringavoor North
  • A.M.L.P.S. Irinavoor South
  • G.M.L.P.S. Iringavoor
  • G.M.L.P.S. Kaithakkara
  • G.M.L.P.S. Valiyaparappur
  • G.U.P.S. Koodasseri Para
  • G.H.S. Cherulal
  • G.L.P.S. Kanmanm
  • P.M.S.A. Orphanage Kattilangadi
  • G.M.L.P.S. Kattamkunnu
  • A.M.L.P.S. Aloor
  • A.M.L.P.S. Kanmanam
  • A.M.L.P.S. Kanmanam North
  • A.M.U.P.S. Parakkal
  • A.M.L.P.S. Varanakkara
  • A.L.P.S. Chelloor
  • A.L.P.S. Punnathala
  • A.M.L.P.S. Konnallur
  • Z.N.H.S. Poolamangalam
  • Amina Iti Kadungathkund
  • Puthanathani MDC Bank
  • Puthanathani CANARA Bank
  • Puthanathani SMG Bank
  • Puthanathani Manappuram Gold
  • Puthanathani MuthootFincorp
  • Puthanathani FEDERAL Bank
  • Pattarnadakkavu Tirur Urban Co-op Bank
  • Pattarnadakkavu Ananthavoor Co-op Bank
  • Iringavoor Cheriyamundam Service Co-op Bank
  • Kanmanam Kanmanam Service Co-op Bank
  • Parammalangadi Valavanoor Service Co-op Bank
  • Kavumpadi CANARA Bank
  • Mayyerichira Valavanoor Service Co-op Bank
  • Kadungathukundu CANARA Bank
  • Kadungathukundu CATHOLIC SYRIAN Bank
  • Kadungathukundu Tirur Urban Co-op Bank
  • Kadungathukundu Valavanoor Service Co-op Bank
  • Kadungathukundu SBI
  • Kurukkol Valavanoor Service Co-op Bank
  • Vylathoor SBT
  • Vylathoor SOUTH INDIAN Bank
  • Vylathoor Tirur Urban Co-op Bank
  • Vylathoor FEDERAL Bank
  • Vylathoor MDC Bank
  • Vylathoor Manappuram Finance
  • Vylathoor CANARA Bank
  • Vylathoor MuthootFincorp
  • Vylathoor Muthoot Mini
  • Kuttippala Perumanna - Klari Service Co-op Bank
  • Panikkarpadi Perumanna - Klari Service Co-op Bank
  • Subrahmaniam Temple Vailathur
  • Chilavil Shiva Temple
  • Perumanna Vishnu Temple – ThalappoliUlsavam
  • Puthur Shiva Temple
  • IvanthranKavBhagavathi Temple
  • KanhikkulangaraBhagavathi Temple
  • KurumbathurBhagavathio Temple –AyyappanVilakk
  • ChandanakkavBhgavathi Temple – AyyappanVilakk
  • Mundiyandra Temple AC Nirapp
  • MandakathinparambaBhagavathi temple
  • Iringavoor Shiva Temple
  • Chilavil Ju-ma Masjid
  • Salafi Ju-ma Masjid Vailathur
  • Vailathur Ju-ma Masjid Vailathur
  • Vailathur North Ju-ma Masjid Vailathur
  • Ittilakkal Ju-ma Masjid
  • Kallarmngalam Ju- Ma masjid
  • Perumanna Ju- ma Masjid
  • Chirakkal Ju– ma Masjid
  • ChettiyamKinar Ju-ma Masjid
  • Ottuparappuram Ju-ma Masjid
  • Palachiramad Ju-ma Masjid
  • Kurukathani Ju-ma Masjid
  • Kutipala JuMa masjid
  • Kuruka South JuMa masjid
  • Variyath JuMa Masjid
  • Randathani Juma masjid
  • MasjidulRahmaniya
  • Mujahid Masjid Randathani
  • Puthanathani Ju- Ma Masjid
  • Puthanathani Ju-ma Masjid (NH
  • Mambra Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kallingal Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kalpakanchery Ju- Ma masjid
  • Parakkal Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kurungad Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kanmanam Ju- Ma masjid
  • Muttikkad Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kaithakkara Ju- Ma masjid
  • Valiyaparappur Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kattilangadi Ju- Ma masjid
  • Koodasser Para Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kurumbathur Ju- Ma masjid
  • Chelur Ju- Ma masjid
  • Iringavoor Ju- Ma masjid
  • Valiyakulam Ju- Ma masjid
  • Iringavoor North Ju- Ma masjid
  • Asaripara Ju- Ma masjid
  • Vaniyannur Ju- Ma masjid
  • Cheryamundam Ju- Ma masjid
  • Parappuothadam Ju- Ma masjid
  • Yatheekhana K Kundu Ju- Ma masjid
  • Cheravannur Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kizhakkepara Ju- Ma masjid
  • Kurungad Ju- Ma masjid
  • Thuvakkad Ju- Ma masjid

Transportation-Main Roads

NH-17 and NH 71

Rivers & Main Cultivation

Rivers – Nil Cultivation Coconut, Ariconut, Paddy, Betel

Traditionally important places

Melpathur Bhattathiripad Monument is situated at Chandanakkav

Historical Importance

Kadungathkund is a rural town which was built in way back 150 years ago. Before this time the place was consisting of forest and wild animals. The Moppans family in Kadungathkund has a historic relationship with Vettathu raja and during the Padayottam time by Tippu Sulthan his soldiers used the banyan tree at Nadayal Paramba for watching the enemies through the sea the place is known as Nadayal Paramba

Main Projects through the Police Station

SPC: 2 SPC Schools 1. Cherural HS, Chrural, Kurumbathur, 2. MSM HSS Kallingaparamba SPG : 6 SPG Schools 1. Chettyam Kinanar Higher secondary School, 2. Government High School Ponmundam, 3. Cherural HS Kurumbathur, 4. MSM HSS Kallingaparamba, 5. GVHSS Kalpakanchery, 6. Bafakhy Yatheemkhana School Valavannur. 5. Residential Associations 1. Ittilakkal Lahari Virudh Samithy & Residential Association, 2. Super King Residential Association Parapoothadam, United Residential Association Karuvath Kunnu, 4. CH Cultural Centre and Residential Association, Medippara 5. Unarv Residential Association Kanmanam Thekkumuri