Edakkara Police Station

Lat.& Long. 11.359626, 76.306597

4931- 275222 shoedakkarmpm.pol@kerala.gov.in
Jurisdiction Boundary of Edakkara Police Station

The police station started in 05/06/1964 vide GO (Ms) 238/Home/D 27/5/64 police station situated in Survey No 1078/2A in Edakkara village .Station functioning in reted building owner East Ernad Co operative bank .Station located on the North siode of KNG road about 100mtr North in KNG Janction. Govt; as per vide GO (Rt) 328/5/Home. Dtd 4/2/2005 SR NO 113/2005 declaired to shifted from old building to new rented building No EP V/906 at Edakkara village with effected 2/3/16 in Nilambur taluk

Jurisdiction details

Edakkara Police Station Comprises of following village in Nilambur Taluk,1. Edakkara, Chunkathara and Moothedam

Panchayaths and Municipality

Edakkara Panchayath, Chungathra Panchayath, Moothedam Gramapanchayath

Border Police stations

Vazhikkadavu,Pothukkallu, Pookottumpadam, Nilambur and Tamilnadu Ellamal area forest

Jurisdictional Court

Sessions court Manjeri, JFCM Court Nilambur SDM court Perinthalmanna, Family Court Malappuram and MACT court Manjeri

Parliament Constituency


Legislative Assembly


Establishments and Institutions

  • Ayurveda Hospital, Moothedam-9447115442
  • Ayurveda Hospital Edakkara 9846012561
  • C.H.C Edakkara - 9495454992
  • Chc, Karappuram
  • Electricity Office, Edakkara 049310275266
  • Homeo Hospital Edakkara 9495661882
  • Homeo Hospital, Karappuram-9446055276
  • Krishi Bhavan Edakkara -
  • Krishibhavan, Karappuram - 9946706370
  • Kseb Office, Karappuram-277266
  • Panchayath Office -275568
  • Panchayath Office Edakkara - 04931275229
  • Post Office Edakkara – 04931 275220
  • Post Office Karappuram-9447423186
  • Post Office Maramvettichal
  • Post Office Palemad - 9746767932
  • Post Office, Chungathara -230230
  • Post Office, Nambooripotty-9745713254
  • Post Office, Pallikkuth
  • Sub Registrar Office, Edakkara-9447515890
  • Sub Treasury Edakkara -9946872092
  • Taluk Hospital Chungathra-231550
  • Telephone Exchange Edakkara 049310275400
  • Telephone Exchange, Kuttikkadu
  • Veterinary Hospital, Chamapparambu-
  • Veterinary Hospital, Edakkara 9446158967
  • Village Office Chungathra-231147
  • Village Office Edakkara – 04931 275 007
  • Ernad Hospital Edakkara
  • Marthoma Mission Hospital Chungathara
  • Grace Hospital Edahhara
  • Kpm Hospital Edakkara
  • Prasanthi Hospital Edakkara
  • Soorya Clinic Edakkara
  • Govt.Higher Secondary School,Edakkara-275395
  • Govt High School,Edakkara-275729
  • Govt LP School,Chungathara-230091
  • Govt LP School,Cholamunda-9495340605
  • Govt High School,Moothedam-276698
  • Govt.Higher Secondary School,Moothedam 9846609770
  • Sree Vivekanda Higher Secondary School Palemad-275381,9447996633
  • Little Flower Lp School,Karunechi 277339
  • Sree Vivekanda Padanakendram Palemad 275325
  • MPM Higher Secondary School,Chungathara 232675
  • Marthoma College Chungathara 230510
  • LP School Konnamanna
  • UP School Pallikuth
  • Crescent UP School Karappuram
  • Fethima College,Moothedam
  • MKMMLP School,Kalkulam
  • SBT Bank Edakkara-247550
  • SBT Bank Chungathara-230910
  • SIB Edakkara-276600
  • Canara Bank Edakkara-275225
  • Fedaral Edakkara278890
  • KGB Edakkara
  • MDC Edakkara-275277
  • Nilambr Co Operative Urban Bank-276008
  • East Ernard Service Co Op Bank-275221
  • Service Co Op Bank Chungathara-230399
  • CSB Chungathara-230231
  • Moothedom Co Operative Bank Moothedom-
  • Agri; Rural Bank Edakkara-274133
  • Nilambr Co Operative Urban Bank Edakkara
  • Rurl Co Operative Edakkara
  • Moothedom Co Operative Bank Karappuram
  • East Ernard Palemadu
  • Chungathara Service Co Operative Bank Pallikuth
  • KGB Moothedom
  • Moothedom Vanitha Co Operative Maramvettichal
  • Kalkulam Vanitha Co Operative Karappuram
  • KSFE Edakkara
  • Chungatharavanitha Co Operativechungathara
  • Muthoot Fanance Edakkara
  • Muthoot Fanance Chungathara
  • Mini Muthoot Finance Edakkara
  • Kosamaatam Finance Edakkara
  • Kosamattam Finance Chungathara
  • Yogashema Chits And Finance
  • Manappuram Finance Chungathara
  • Manappuram Finance Edakkara
  • Sree Gogulam Chits Edakkara
  • Sree Sastha Temple Palemad-Akandha Nama Yaknam
  • Mailadum Kunnu Temple-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Sree Krishna Temple Edakkara-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Sree Durga Temple Edakkara-Sivarathri,Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Siva Temple Kaukkad-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Mulamtala Devi Temple-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Nedumpuzhaya Temple Chungathara
  • Varaha Moorthi Temple Kunnath
  • Tripurandha Temple Pallikuth-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Sree Krishna Temple Chungathara-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • Siva Temple Kalkulam-Sivarathi
  • Sivatemple Nambooripotty-Sivarathri
  • Vanadurga Temple Talippadam-Pratishtadiana Mahotsavam
  • St.Thomas Church Palemad
  • Ponthacostal Church Churuly
  • Little Flower Church Karunechi
  • Yacobate Church Mailadum Kunnu
  • Orthodox Church Perum Kulam
  • Assembly Of God Church Millumpadi
  • Marthoma Church Illikkadu
  • Marthoma Church Pallippadi
  • Ponthacostal Church Karunechi
  • Ponthacostal Church Prtumkulam
  • Ponthacostal Church Kalasagar
  • Assembly Of God Church Muppini
  • Orthodox Church Muppini
  • 7Th Days Church Muppini
  • Orthodox Church Chungathara
  • Marthoma Church Chungathara
  • Yacobate Church Chungathara
  • St.Marys Church Pallikkuth
  • Kavalam Kode Church
  • Catholic Church Pallikkuth
  • Mathoma Church Chalikkapotti
  • Ponthacost Church Chalikkapotti
  • St.Thomas Church Talanji
  • Gospal Church Chungathara
  • St.Marys Church Moothedom
  • St.Joseph Church Talippadam
  • Marthoma Church Kattadi
  • Yacoba Church Karappuram
  • Pontacostal Church Nellikkuth
  • Jumamasjid Palemad
  • Salafi Masjid Palemad
  • Juma Masjid Paimpadam
  • Juma Masjid Pallipadi(Ek)
  • Sunni Juma Masjid Pallippadi(Ap)
  • Salafi Masjid Karunechi
  • Sunni Muma Masjid Perinkulam
  • Poovathikkal Juma Masjid Edakkara
  • Jamath Masjid Edakkara
  • Salafi Masjid Edakkara
  • Sunni Juma Masjid Edakkara
  • Sunni Juma Masajid Chama Parambu
  • Sunni Masjid Maram Vettichal
  • Jumath Masjid Perumkollam Para
  • Salafi Masjid Talippadam
  • Jumath Masjid Namboori Potty
  • Salafi Masjid Nellikuth
  • Jumath Masjid Kalkulam
  • Juma Masjid Karappuram
  • Salafi Masjid Karappuram
  • Mujahid Masjid Karappuram
  • Jumath Masjid Chemmamtitta
  • Sunni Masjid Moothedam
  • Salafi Masjid Moothedam
  • Jumath Masjid Kuttikkad
  • Sunni Masjid Cheerakkuzhi
  • Sunni Masjid Pallikuth
  • Jumath Masjid Chungathara
  • Salafi Masjid Chungathara
  • Jamath Masjid Chungathara
  • Mujahid Masjid Kuttimunda
  • Sunni Masjid Mampoyil
  • Jumath Masjid Palunda

Transportation-Main Roads

State highway Kozhikkode-Nilambur-Gudallur,No water transportation and rail

Rivers & Main Cultivation


Traditionally important places

Sree Durga Temple at Edakkara town is a traditional temple constructed by Nilambur kovilakam

Main Projects through the Police Station

JAMAMYTHRI-Edakkara police station is comprissed in 3 villeges in nilambur takuk,3 panchayaths-Edakkara,Moothedam,Chungathara.it is divided in to 9 beats of Janamythri and 18 Janamythri beat officers and one CRO.Janamythri project is conducting police -people friendly programs like medical camb,awareness classes and wellfare measures of the backword people of edakkara police station etc SPG-Edakkara police staton has 5 SPG groups are functioning in GHS Edakkara,MPM HS,Marthoma HS Chungathara,SVHSS Palemad and GHS Moothedam.The SPG students conducting the traffic aware ness classes,Film show,Anti narcotic club,clean campus safe campus etc SPC-One SPC unit is functioning in Edakkara POlice Station limit which is in SVHSS Palemad TRIBAL JANAMYTHRI-The Edakkar police station is situated in the valley of western guts and the boundarying in many many forest areas .There are 32 tribal settlements, In this view the Edakkara police started a tribal beat in 2012 and the official inaguration was on 22.02.2012 at tribal settlement in Uchakkulam.3 beats are functioing in this project and 2 beat officers and one CRO leading the project and many wellfare measure awareness classes and infrastructurals in this project to tribes WOMEN DESK-Women desk is functioning in Edakkara Police station in Reception area.One WPC deputed every day for its smooth function.It deals with the women related complinents consider as the special wing of the police atation