Malappuram Police falls under Thrissur Range which comes under North Zone. Kozhikode Parts of Eranad Taluks and whole of Eranad, Perinthalmanna, Tirur, Ponnani, Nilambur, Kondotty Taluks consisting of 138 Revenue Villages comes under the jurisdiction of Malappuram Police. Sri. J Padma Gireeswaran IPS was the Superintendent of Police for the period from 16/06/1969 to 23/09/1970 Details of building in which District Police Office and other subordinate offices like District Special Branch, Narcotic Cell, Dist. Crime Branch, DCRB, Women Cell etc was / is functioning.

The District Police is headed by a Superintendent of Police of IPS cadre designated as District Police Chief, assisted by Deputy Superintendents of Police, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors, Assistant Sub Inspectors, Senior Civil Police Officers, Civil Police Officers numbering around 2200 and approximately 25000 cases are being handled per annum. In addition to this, there is about 111 ministerial staff that helps the staff officers in various Administrative / service related matters.

The geographical features of Malappuram Police District are very vast and wide areas, its boundaries comprise of 6 Sub Divisions consisting of 34 Police Stations, 1 Vanitha Police Station, 1 Cyber Crime Police Station & 1 Coastal Police Station. The boundaries of Vazhikkadavu and Pothukallu Police Stations are being shared with neighbouring State of Tamilnadu.

The Police District is divided into Sub Divisions and Police Stations each headed by the Officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Inspector of Police respectively. Earlier, there were 13 numbers of Circles in the District, which were abolished during 2019 after the introduction of ISHO system. Special Units/Cells like District Special Branch, Districts Crime Branch, District Crime Records Bureau, Narcotic Cell, and District Armed Reserve is headed by one officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police / Assistant Commandant.

More than 60 police officers have served as district superintendents of police among these officers Sri R.S Mushahari IPS has been designated as Director General of Police and Nagaland Governor after retirement. Former district superintendents P.K Hormis Tharakan IPS, A.V Subbarao IPS, B.S Muhammed Yasin IPS are privileged to adore the designation of Director General of Police Kerala State


Prescence of Maoist in Malappuram District

The presence of left wing extremist noticed in western ghat of Malappuram district since 2010. On 24/11/2016 Kuppu Devaraj and Ajitha who are included in the wanted list of Tamilnadu, Karnadaka, and Andrapradesh died while exchange of fire between Maoist and Kerala Police at Paduka Forest Division of Edakkara Police Station Limit. This is first direct exchange of fire between Maoist and Kerala Police

Cyber Crime Police Station

Hon&rsquoble Chief Mister of Kerala Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan is inaugurated Cyber Crime Police Station, Malappuram through Video Conference on 1st November 2020. The inaugural ceremony minimised under strict COVID Protocol during covid pandemic period.  The district wise Cyber Crime Police Stations are one of great leap of Kerala Police for investigation Cyber related Crime cases.


Important Incidents

1- Mammy Case Kalpakanchery

Velayudhan ,the writer of Kalpakanchery Police Station stabbed to death by accused Mammy while a petition enquiry, the accused absconded later. Then Superintendent of Police Sri. Hormis Tharakan IPS and party reached the house of accused, the accused attached Superintendent of Police with a sharp weapon. The circle inspector T.V Satheesh seriously injured while defending the attach then police shot the accused Mammy to death.

2-Kunhali Murder
In connection with the assassination of Karikadan Kunhali, the first MLA and CPM leader of Nilambur on July 28, 1969, a large number of police personnel had to be deployed in various parts of the district and police officers had to be on duty day and night.

3-Naxalism in Malappuram District

In 1975   Naxalism was on the rise, especially in the northern districts of Kerala. While travelling with accused in Thrissur Kozhikode highway in Malappuram District the accused overturned the petrol container in the jeep and set fire with matchbox.  The accused in the back seat grabbed the DYSP in the front seat and both succumbed to their injuries and died.

4-.Language Struggle

There is a procession of all noted political party on 30-07-1980 to district collectorate named &lsquoBhasha Samaram&rsquo Kannan, a police officer of the Malabar Special Police, was killed in a clash between police and supporters of a major party in the district during a march. Stickers named Majeed, Rahman, Kunhippa are died in Police firing subsequently

5- Ayodhya Issue in 1992

There are 7 murder cased and many arson cased reported in Edakkara, Manjeri and Kondotty Police Station limits in 1992 after the Babari Masjid demolished. Violence has erupted in coastal belts in police station limits of Parappanangadi, Tirur, Tanur and Ponnani and there has been a lot of damage. Police were able to prevent further violence within several days.

6- Chokad Incident

A police team shepherd by Kalikavu SHO Sri T Manoharan and grade SI Vijayakrishnan for executing a LP warrant against Mujeeb Rahman. The accused opened fire to police team with his country made gun.  Grade SI Vijayakrishnan shot dean on spot. The accused with his wife abscond to thick forest subsequently and suicide by using the same gun.  Government awarded the job of Sub Inspector of Police to the son of Sri Vijayakrishnan.

7- Collectorate Bomb Blast

On 01/11/2016 the day of &lsquoKerala Piravi&rsquo a pressure cocker bomb exploded in one of parked car at Malappuram Civil Station near Judicial First Class Magistrate. Print out of Osama Binladan and map of India received nearby in card board box with label base movement to reveal the identity. The accused arrested from Tamilnadu by NIA

8- Arson at Angadippuram Temple

On 31st August 2007 somebody set fire the door of ancient &lsquoThali&rsquo temple at Angadippuram.  Pedestrian informed the matter to security guard at 03.30 AM. Malappuram police intervened the issue successfully to  avoid communal issue by calling all party meeting etc.

9- Pookiparamba Buss Accident

Pookkiparambu bus accident is one of the biggest bus accidents in Kerala. On 11th March 2011  a private bus &lsquoPranavam&rsquo  on route from Guruvayoor to Thalassery at Pookiparamba  was hit by a car and overturned and a fire broke out. 44 people were burnt to death in the accident. It was with this accident that the government ordered emergency doors on buses.

10- Kadlundi Train Accident

On 22nd June 2001 three compartments of Mangalapuram Chennai Express (6602) fall from Kadalundi bridge to river in Parappanangadi Police Station Limit. 52 persons died and 222 persons were injured. Police and fire force spear head rescue operation. The cause of the accident was discovered by making good use of scientific evidence in the case investigation.

11- Chelambra Bank Robbery

Chelambra Bank Robbery is one of most notorious and biggest robbery that ever reported in Kerala. On 30th December 2007 80 KG Gold and Rs 2,500,000 has been robbed from South Malabar Garmin Bank, Chelambra. A special team constituted for investigation and all accused were arrested within two months with 80% of recovery. The expertise of Cyber cell is important contribution in this case they verified about 22 lakhs of phone communications to zeroing culprits.

12- Flood in 2018

In 2018 Malappuram flood hits Kerala especially Malappuram. Operation Jalaraksha is rescue operation and Operation Jalaraksha 2 is rehabilitation and cleaning flood hit houses, both operation are enough to stamp of Police Force in flood related activities. Out of 138 villages 120 villages affect flood. The restless activities of entire Police force in Malappuram rescued the lives of thousands,  In Tirur Police Station Limit at Purathur Police recued 6000 people by using big lorries. Kondotty police spear head the recue operation at Poochal land slide, 9 people were died in the land slide. 

13- Whatsapp Harthal

The hartal on 16-04-2018 called by a few individuals via social media platforms ostensibly in protest against the rape and murder of the 8-year-old girl in Jammu's Kathua turned violent. Supporters of the hartal forcefully shut down shops in the districts and the hartal was partially complete. Stones were also hurled at buses and shops in certain areas. While the public and political leaders were largely unaware of the hartal. About 131 cases registered in Malappuram District. The role of Malappuram Cyber Cell is remarkable in identifying accused in the cases. District police identified the state wide organizers of social media driven Hartal within couple of days and arrested.

14- Natural Calamities in 2019

As a result of the District Police becoming more efficient in dealing with natural disasters during the floods of August 2018 and formulating a clearer vision of what to do in the event of another disaster. Police were on the scene in August 2019 when they began to see signs of flooding. In addition, the police have been able to identify dangerous areas in advance and move people to safer places. However, a landslide at Kavalappara in the Pothukal Police Station limit left 59 people dead and several others homeless. The District Police Chief and others camped there for 15 consecutive days for rescue and rehabilitation work and delivering food items to those living in the camps has earned an overall reputation for Malappuram Police.

15- COVID Pandamic in 2020

The first case of the COVID-19 pandemic in Kerala (which was also the first reported case in all of India) was confirmed in Thrissur on 30 January 2020 subsequently cases reported in late-October in Malappuram. District Police Office closed as most of Ministerial staff tested positive. Essential offices like Cyber Cell, Corona Cell etc are follow the procedure of 'work at home'. District police having multiple role in COVID Pandemic, the quarantine violation check, guarding containment zone, preparing route map, making primary contact list etc. Kerala Police introduce mobile application named 'dkatia-c' for identifying quarantine violation by using geofencing techniques. All most all police officers were tested positive during COVID Pandemic.

16- Plain Crash at Karipur International Airport 2021

On 07-08-2020 An Air India Express flight crashed at Inter National Airport, Karipur. The flight carrying 191 passengers crashed after overshooting the runway. 174 passengers, 10 Infants, 2 Pilots and 5 cabin Crew were on board. The accident claimed the lives of 21 persons, including the pilot and co-pilot, and left at least 100 passengers injured and many in critical condition. The district police including District Police Chief rushed to the accident area engaged recue operation in COVID pandemic period, later many Police Officers including District Police Chief tested positive SARS COV-2 later. 

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