Governance of District Police, Malappuram

Malappuram Police falls under Thrissur Range which comes under North Zone.

The force headed by a Superintendent of Police of IPS cadre designated as District Police Chief, comprises of Deputy Superintendents of Police, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors, Additional and Assistant Sub Inspectors, Senior Civil Police Officers, Civil Police Officers numbering around 2200 and approximately 25000 cases are handled per annum. In addition to this, there are about 111 numbers of ministerial staffs helps the staff officers in various aspects of service and other petition matters.

The Police District is divided into Sub Divisions and Police Stations. An officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police is the head of Sub Divisions and Inspector of Police or Sub Inspector of Police is the head of Police Stations. Special Units/ Cells like District Special Branch, District Head Quarter, District Crime Records Bureau, Districts Crime Branch, Narcotic Cell, Armed Reserve and each is headed by one officer of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police and Women Cell, Cyber Cell under the supervision of District 'C' Branch are all helps to maintain the law and order, crime prevention and crime investigation in the police district.